Road show services spout catch phrases like communication, specially trained, drive cameras and the newest equipment.

The reality is nothing matters if you land and only half the ground services you ordered are in place.

At OnPoint, we take every service seriously, from an airport transfer to your next Financial Road Show. Our model is to be proactive in addition to being reactive. We like to think that our client portfolio views OnPoint Worldwide as an invisible service that is dedicated to the passenger and booker. When called upon, we Serve; Providing the same excellence in executive transportation regardless of what part of the world your travels take you. We provide:

An experienced OnPoint key person who will listen to your transportation needs and make suggestions when needed regarding traffic trends and distances. We try to match up specific chauffeurs to our your passengers for their utmost comfortable.

An Easy to follow a master itinerary that includes vehicle schedule addresses, chauffeur contact numbers, seating capacity. This master itinerary can be formatted to an easy to understand excel spreadsheet or a format of your preference.

Last minute change in the middle to the night? Don't worry our 24 hour OnPoint live dispatch center is ready and able to make the changes needed and resend the amended itinerary.

Our Chauffeurs are dedicated professionals commanding a strong code of ethics and strict discretion having transported the most important senior executives in the world.

No recording devices like drive cams or any other recording devices are ever in our vehicles.

Billing for services is generated within 12-24 hours of completion.

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