Whether its business, leisure, national or international travel. OnPoint’s team will be there to assist, meet, serve and transport you to your destination. Here is how we do it:

A confirmation with details pertaining to your transportation service will be emailed to booker including any other individuals you wish to have copied.

Prior to your service OnPoint will send you an email and/or text with your OnPoint Chauffeur's name and cellular phone number. Including any important details such a meeting points.

Never disturb the passenger. Whether it's a board meeting or 5:00 AM at your residence, OnPoint Chauffeurs are trained to text the passenger when they arrive on location.

Arriving Early. OnPoint Chauffeurs are always scheduled to be on location 15-minutes prior to your requested pickup time.

Meeting preferences. Whether you prefer to be met in baggage claim or curbside, OnPoint chauffeurs are committed to making this a smooth task.

Grace Periods. Whatever the reason maybe, OnPoint offers up to 1-hour grace periods in some cases for unscheduled flight delays, such as long tarmac waits, luggage delays, immigration, and customs. Talk with your OnPoint representative or visit our terms and conditions page for more details.

Flying International, OnPoint works on your schedule. The average time to clear customs and immigration is 45 minutes, so request your OnPoint Chauffeur to present himself later than your scheduled arrival. Talk to your OnPoint representative for more details.

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